11 Best Foot Massage Techniques

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I have no doubt that a deep and soothing foot massage is where your search to a relaxed body and carefree soul ends. A foot massage can get you really better sleep, improve your body’s blood circulation, helps against tension and depression, take over your aches and pains, maintains right blood pressure and of course, makes your feet happier and healthier. I have just told a few benefits to begin with, I am telling you the most effective and easy self-foot massage methods below. So if I have convinced you with the benefits of foot massage and you want to be relaxed after a long tidy day or lest you doubt and want to give a try by self-massaging your feet, you are reading the right article.

Here I am explaining you with the best foot massage techniques you can do with yourself to feel you relaxed and soothed:

1) A foot bath

Soak your feet in a tub of warm water for approx ten minutes. I suggest you to also add Epsom salts, calming and aromatic oils to the warm water. I am telling you, never underestimate the warm water. Now softly rub your feet removing the dirt while also feel you relaxed. Towel dry your feet when finished. I love to get myself foot massage through this technique on tough days.

2) Use a lotion or a cream

I do not recommend using oil because it does not soar well, creams and lotions are usually thicker. Gently apply lotion to all over your feet while keeping a bit of pressure. Various foot massaging creams are available in market; you can pick one of your choice. You can also combine oils and creams depending on your liking to scents. Warming the cream or lotion before massaging would help.

3) Give time to toes

Make your foot stable with one hand and take your toes one by one and rotate them clockwise and then anticlockwise. Then pull up your toes one by one while still applying a little pressure on the foot with the other hand. Toe massage is a crucial part of best foot massage techniques.

4) Rolling on ball

Did I reveal that golf is among my favorite sports? I suggest you to use a golf ball or a tennis ball in foot messaging. Just put the ball on floor and put your foot on it and roll over it. Apply your weight on the ball as it pleases you. I consider a rubber ball with embossed grains or dots would be even better thing to start with; such embossed grains on ball surface will work on your skin like in an acupressure massage technique.

5) The art of thumbs

I never feel so good using my thumbs other than on my playstation, I always up votes to this thumb technique above all. Apply a little pressure with your thumbs to the bottom of your feet. Slide the thumb all over from heel to the toes while pressuring in a circular motion. Your thumbs and fingertips could also work as a pressure point for adding acupressure touch to make your foot massage one of best foot massage techniques which you developed yourself.

6) Sooth the sole

Start rubbing the foot top in a circular motion with your fingers and then moving to sole. Increase pressure from your fingers while moving to sole. In same manner, use your fingertips with gentle pressure on the sole while holding and your foot and applying pressure with your palms. Reverse the procedure in same circular way to top of the foot. This techniques helps in low back pain, you see benefits of foot massage were never limited to foot.

7) Indian rub technique

Place your thumb on the centre of arch on inside while holding your foot from its sides. Rub your thumbs in oval shape on centre of arch from inside out. Apply a medium pressure in an inside out motion on the bottom of foot. You can allow your movement of your foot by shaking it a little.

8) Feel the heel

I recommend you to use moisturizing lotion or cream if your heels are cracked. Again use the thumb trick I explained above to massage on the heels. Apply pressure with tip of both the thumbs consecutively one by one on your heel. Rub your thumbs in oval shape to and fro your heel and centre of bottom of foot.

9) Power of fist

I am not asking you for a boxing match. Don’t worry; just close your hands making a fist. With your finger tips while in a fist, gently rub middle of your sole to and fro heels applying medium pressure.

10) Milking stroke

The name says it almost if not all. Hold the foot with its side with your hand and rub from the sides of foot. Pull your hand while pressuring a little in a motion similar to milking cow. Give 5-10 strokes on both the sides.

11) Point the pressure points

I do not believe a foot massage to be complete without using this technique. Enjoy a deep and soothing massage if you have some knowledge of pressure points while massaging your feet. A gentle pressure can be applied to pressure points to feel a wave of relaxing sensation in your feet. I have seen it working wonders to ease my mind and body.

  1. On the inside of your foot below the ankle, you will feel a round bone under your skin; place your finger a little down to that bone. Locate the pressure point and press gently for a few seconds. Pressuring it too hard can hurt a bit.
  2. Another pressure point can be located at the inside lower corner of toenail of your big toe. Apply gentle pressure slowly on this point to the inside. Be careful, for the people with nail problems, it could hurt them.
  3. Find the ball of the foot, which is downside of your foot below the big toe. The pressure point here is located just below the ball of the foot and slightly towards the smaller toe. Apply a little pressure with your thumb and rub in a circular motion at the pressure point.

Either you are an athlete or a software engineer, a comfortable foot massage before going to bed always proves to be a relaxing session to forget all your worries. A good massage makes me feel the way you i to feel while going to sleep.

I use above best foot massage techniques to sooth my body out of pain and aches, albeit if you want to go beyond these, I believe Ayurvedic massage could be a nice alternative which involves use of herbs and natural oils while massaging. You can also go for electric massagers, anyway choose the technique which feels you best. Don’t continue doing anything which hurts. I care for you. Happy massaging.