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Do You Need a Shoulder Pain Pillow?

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Shoulder muscles are very important in the body of humans, but unfortunately, these muscles happen to among the most abused. Unhealthy lifestyles such as incorrect sitting posture and long sitting hours are some of the reasons your shoulder muscles might be aching more often. Luckily, relieving your shoulder pain is as simple as purchasing the right shoulder pain pillow.

These pillows support your shoulder muscles hence they do not have to work as hard to support your upper body.

Regardless of the cause of your shoulder pain, it’s a good idea to have a proper shoulder pain pillow so that you can have a comfortable and refreshing sleep. This type of pain is commonly caused by poor posture while sleeping, driving or sitting. It’s known to cause grievous sleep problems and therefore, an ideal pillow can help with the management of shoulder pain.

Having the right shoulder pain pillow not only provides comfort, it also plays an important role in supporting the intricate structures of your shoulder. When used the right way, this type of pillow help to alleviate or prevent many forms of shoulder pain.

Why are shoulder pain pillows unique?

Unlike ordinary sleeping pillows, this type of pillow is designed to provide additional comfort and support for the upper body while relieving pressure on your shoulders during sleep. These pillows are made to contour with the structure of your shoulder and the natural curves of the upper body. If you prefer to sleep on your side, you are prone to developing issues with your shoulders during sleep.

Much as sleeping on your side may be comfortable sometimes, it places your shoulder in a cramped-up position that puts unnecessary pressure on it hence causing pain, cramping or stiffness.

In order to avoid this, you should use a shoulder pain pillow. The good thing about shoulder pain pillows is that they feature quality construction and memory foam material with a sturdy polyurethane core to provide you with more comfort and better overall sleep.

The following are the top reasons why you should consider buying a shoulder pain pillow

Keep your shoulders aligned properly

A shoulder pain pillow helps to keep your shoulders in alignment during sleep , relieving pressure and counterbalancing the various points of the upper body. Proper shoulder alignment helps to prevent muscle pain and relieve muscle tension headaches. Sleeping without a shoulder pain pillow will only mean that you will sleep at an odd angle that may cause pain or aggravate the existing pain hence placing this pillow on your shoulders helps to maintain proper alignment while sleeping.

Free of harmful side effects

Instead of relying on prescription muscle relaxation pills which have grievous side effects, its a good idea to opt for this type of pillows as they do not have any harmful side effects. Besides, these pillows are safe for people across ages, be it children or adults.

Provide additional comfort

A majority of people with chronic shoulder pain find it extremely difficult to find a comfortable

sleeping position. These pillows come in to save the day by providing you with the much needed comfort during sleep by supporting your shoulders and relieving muscle tension around these region. They are recommended for side sleepers as they conform to the shape of the shoulders.

Besides, these pillows are constructed from fabrics that regulate temperature during the night. Since temperature tends to affect a person’s sleep quality, this pillows can help you sleep better.

Cut down on insomnia

Shoulder pain might be the major reason why you are having insomnia. With the right shoulder pain pillow, there will be reduced pressure on your shoulder muscles hence proving you with more comfort to have quality sleep.

Alleviate pressure on shoulder joints


The major cause of soreness and stiffness on your shoulders is pressure on the joints. When your shoulder joints are stiff or sore, it may be impossible to move around and take on your daily chores. Shoulder pain pillows cushion your shoulder joints, reducing the likelihood of soreness and stiffness.

Help to save on medication costs

Shoulder pain pillows are a cheaper alternative to other shoulder treatments. The common treatments for shoulder pain such as heat therapy, massage and physical therapy are very costly. These pillows are simply an economical alternative to these expensive therapies.

Specifically designed to relieve shoulder pain

These pillows are specially made to ease and prevent pain in your shoulder. They are constructed from therapeutic foam in its base and soft fiber in the center to support and offer you comfort when sleeping on your side. They provide support for the natural curvature of your shoulders and align the shoulders in a natural position.

They help to retain the shape of your shoulders

Unlike traditional pillows which flatten out with time and fail to support your shoulders, these pillows have chemical properties to mold your shoulders. After leaving your bed, the pillow returns to its original shape. Therefore, this type of pillows will provide consistent support and help you to prevent shoulder pain.

Reduce snoring and improve the symptoms of sleep apnea

One of the reasons why you might be snoring is the partial obstruction of your when sleeping. This is common if you sleep on your side. An incorrect shoulder position while sleeping can worsen the symptoms of sleep apnea. A good shoulder position prevents chances of obstructing the airway hence reducing snoring and interrupted breathing in people with sleep apnea.

Other benefits of the shoulder pain pillow include:

  1. You don’t have to use a heating pad of ice pack while sleeping.
  2. Allows you to sleep better and help your body heal itself
  3. The support it provides can alleviate spine problems.
  4. Helps you to tackle the physical and stressful challenges of the day.

With the right shoulder pain pillow, you can enjoy your sleep without any worries of having shoulder pain in the morning. This pillow relieves pressure and tension in the shoulder area. During sleep, a good pillow should provide enough support to restrict your shoulders from going sideways or rolling and unnatural tilting.

Be sure to consult an expert about the most ideal type of shoulder pain pillow you need with your shoulder pain. They will be able to provide you with a professional advice on the type of pillow that would be the best choice for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Use a good quality pillow and end your sufferings today.


Top 10 Must-Do Self-Leg-Massage Techniques

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Necessity is the mother of invention! Sure, it can be great having a professional massage therapist working on my legs a couple of times a week. But if that was the case, then I wouldn’t be sharing this Self-leg-massage tutorial with you.

What did I do? Research the various ways that I can deal with my leg’s stiffness, sourness and pain without involving a professional massage therapist. I always knew it is a hit or miss game.

So, after trial and error period, I managed to compile some effective ways that really helps me on my day to day leg massage needs. The following is the list of methods and tools I use to ensure my legs are on top condition week after week:


1. Using Foam Roller

In my workplace, I scale stairs almost every day which ends up hurting my legs in some days. How do I deal with that? I use a form roller to fix it.

Rollers are usually made from a hard foam. My form roller helps me massage the IT band or tight muscles that are hurting. The trick is to get a deeper massage from this than when a use my hands only.


  1. I lie on my right side and place my right hip on the roller
  2. Then I put my hands on the floor for support
  3. I cross my left leg over to my right and place my left foot level on the floor

iv. After that, I roll my body to my right allowing roller movements – from my hip to my knee to cover the entire length of my outer thigh.

v. Finally, I roll back and forth for about 30 seconds and then switch to my left to repeat the whole process again.


2. Using Frozen water bottle

When I am called to present or talk about some issues, I spend a lot of time standing. This makes my little muscles at the bottom of my feet to get strained. In such cases, a frozen water bottle comes to my rescue.


  1. I just put a frozen water bottle on my floor
  2. Roll back and forth under my feet while paying attention to the areas with super soreness as well as my heels
  3. If I become uncomfortably cold, I slip on a pair of socks and keep rolling
  4. I only require to roll each foot for 15 minutes and I am through


3. Using tennis ball

This is one of my favorites because I can do it under my desk at my workplace without interrupting my schedule. I use a spiked ball for better results but occasionally I also use the regular tennis ball.


  1. While sitting, I step on the ball with either a sock or barefoot
  2. Then I roll back and forth starting from heel to toe with steady pressure – but I make sure I don’t flatten the ball fully.
  3. After that, if there are still areas that I am feeling tender or painful, I work on those knots by rolling in small circles. But if I need more pressure, I do it while standing.
  4. The I repeat the whole process for my opposite foot

4. Using PVC pipes

Running early in the morning after waking up is kind of my hobby. Although running keeps me fit, sometimes I may have some uncomfortable tight spots before or after the race.

That’s why I can’t do without PVC pipes although I still own a foam roller. There are some reasons why I use PVC pipes instead of a foam roller in such cases. Those reasons include firmness and ability to work well on large muscle groups like hamstrings.


  1. I place my PVC pipe on the floor.
  2. I lean my body weight into it while bracing myself with legs or hands so that I can control the pressure easily.
  3. Then, I roll up and down my muscles along the front and back of my body particularly focusing on all the tight spots


5. Using quadriceps technique

This is one of the methods that I use that doesn’t require an item to be purchased. But it still very effective in ensuring that my feet muscles are relaxed.


  1. While sitting on the ground with my legs out in front, I knead, squeeze and shake my leg muscles using both hands
  2. Then I use my fingers and thumbs to apply some cross-fibre strokes along the stretch of the muscle.
  3. After that, I push down gently into the muscle using both thumbs at the same time and massage towards my knee
  4. I then go back to the top of my thigh and rotate my thumbs outwards across the top part of the muscle
  5. While there, I squeeze down into it while still moving down towards my knee
  6. Finally, I ensure that I repeat the movements

6. Using hamstring technique

Here is how I deal with minor hamstring muscle problems that don’t require medical interventions.


  1. I sit up against my house wall with one of my knees raised and my foot level on the ground
  2. Using my both hands, I knead, squeeze and shake the whole stretch of my hamstring muscle
  3. Then I lie on my back and press the hamstring muscle with my fingertips such that the back of my fingers, on one hand, are touching the back of the other.
  4. Finally, I work my way up towards my backside


7. Using calf technique

From time to time I may encounter calf problems which are annoying at times. Luckily, I found a way to deal with the issue.


  1. I start by sitting on the ground with one of my feet out to the side and in front such that my lower leg is at about 45 degrees angle with the floor
  2. Then using both of my hands, I knead and shake my calf muscle giving me problems
  3. Finally, I combine the cross-finger strokes and effleurage with my thumbs as I move up and down the muscle.


8. Using gliding technique

It is one of my easiest methods I use regularly. One of its benefits is saving time.


  1. With my fingers relaxed and hand open, I glide over my legs starting from the feet upwards
  2. I do 10 strokes per leg, hitting my hamstrings, quads, shins and calves
  3. To vary the intensity, I start light and then dig in using my palm while moving in a circular motion towards my core.


9. Using pressing technique

During my free time, I may decide to work on my legs a little bit to release muscle tension.


  1. I start by squeezing all my toes before squeezing my Achilles tendon
  2. As I work my way up, I intensify the pressure on all the tough muscles like quads and calves
  3. Then I squeeze my muscles either using one hand or both. Sometimes I use my elbow or fist to do the trick


10. Using the drumming technique

Because of the nature of the exercises and work I do daily, it’s had to go for a long time without getting leg muscle cramps. And here is how I deal with that issue.


  1. I make a fist or use either the side of my hand or palm to drum my way up my leg
  2. By varying or regulating velocity and intensity, I am able to stimulate my cramped muscles



Lastly, I usually get a lot of benefits from the above Self-leg-massage tutorial. Some of those benefits include sore muscle recovery, pain relief, and better blood circulation.


Leg Massage For Circulation Guide

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In order to maintain healthy tissues in your legs, it is very important to have a healthy blood circulation. A blood flow that is steady and strong allows for constant exchange at the cellular level of waste and nutrients.

Healthy blood flow also promotes healthy flow of lymphatic fluid, an immune system’s key component. The lymph fluid has the role to carry waste from internal organs and muscles.

Minimizing intake of damaged fats and refined carbohydrates as well as keeping active are among the key requirements for maintaining a healthy blood circulation. Beyond these measures, a powerful yet simple way of promoting steady and strong blood circulation throughout your legs is leg massage.

Back of knees area

An important spot to focus your leg massage is the soft depression that found at the knees’ back. This area contains a number of nerves, blood vessels, and lymphatic system components. It is called popliteal fossa. By massaging gently this region, you can promote nerve tone and healthy blood flow throughout your legs.

This special form of massage works via in the same way as the powerful therapeutic tools of acupuncture and acupressure. You can encourage the nerves and blood vessels to function better by applying direct stimulation to them. According to a very basic law of life stimulation of tissues and sensible use invigorates them, while lack of use can lead to atrophy.

Right in your popliteal fossa is located a powerful acupuncture point called Bladder 40. According to Chinese traditional medicine and acupuncture schools, all of the most powerful acupuncture points represent clusters of major nerves and blood vessels. This explains why massaging the point at the knees’ back can have healthy effects.

Massage for enhancing circulation

It is recommended to start with a comprehensive plan in mind if you want to massage a person’s legs for better circulation. After your plan is made, you can start working to its completion. Since nutrients and blood have to travel a long distance to reach the entire leg, the heart circulation difficulties are common in this area.

In order to return to the heart and filtering organs once again, the returning deoxygenated blood, in addition, must rise against the pull of gravity. In order to enhance circulation, massage is an excellent method. For best effects, the massage therapist must work on both your legs.

Circulation is boosted to the extremities by some particular types of massage. Someone who suffers from poor circulation issues can be affected by various discomforts including cold feet, fluid pooling in the extremities, achiness and fatigue created by acid lactic accumulating in the muscles. Tense, damaged muscles can receive more oxygen-rich blood necessary to heal if good circulation is reestablished through leg massage.

Leg massage can facilitate better circulation by

moving blood through congested areas using the pressure created. New blood flows in after the pressure release. The pulling and squeezing also improves lymph fluid circulation and eliminates lactic acid.

In order to give a proper massage, you need to first determine why it’s necessary to increase the blood circulation. In case that the patient is suffering from a cardiac or circulatory condition, you need to first discuss the treatment planned with his physician. This way you know whether the patient’s circulatory system can withstand the greater blood flow and the pressure of massage.

Other reasons for leg massage

According to the ancient Greeks, one of the methods to stay in good health is to have a daily massage. Today’s experts still agree with this recommendation. Massage can improve body function, lower blood pressure, and help to accelerate the healing process.

In case that the patient’s circulatory system is fine, there are other reasons why they might desire an increased circulation in the legs. Some common reasons are to address occasional swelling, to help warm chronically cold feet, or to relieve pain from physical activity. Other people may even be interested in using leg massage for achieving better athletic performance.

Since performing leg massage techniques can stimulate the lymphatic system as well as blood circulation, if it is done regularly it can also help preventing varicose veins. Massage strokes that go up in direction of the lymph nodes can lessen lower legs’ congestion. In case that the legs feel swollen or puffy to the touch, you have to ensure using only gently pressure.

How to give a leg massage

Firm massage around the thighs or on other larger muscles can help improve the functioning of the lymphatic system and dispel tiredness. Over areas that are bony, like the knees and shins, it is recommended to work more lightly.

You have to start your leg massage session at the foot, in order to boost circulation. Use your palms to press the right foot between them and give a firm and fast friction rub to the foot. Continue the same technique for a couple of minutes, then start stroking the foot firmly but gently going up to the ankle, while keeping it between your palms.

Use your right hand to support the ankle and raise the leg. Push from ankle to knee, moving your left hand in a firmly motion. Start the same steps with the other hand after six strokes. Before lowering the leg, repeat twice more this step.

The next step consists in moving your massage areas up to the thigh. Use your both palms to give a fast rub to the thigh. Follow this by firm, slow strokes by keeping your hand with fingers curved and relaxed. Repeat the same massage technique on the other leg and foot.

Buttocks and backs of legs massage

Performing a proper massage to the backs of the legs can considerably improve the most sluggish circulation and lymphatic system. Turn face down the one who is going to receive the massage. Stroke firmly the leg’s back, in a continuous and smooth movement.

Go up to the center of the leg, continuing the stroke movements. Keep performing the same movement at the top of the thigh, down leg’s opposite sides, by using each hand on one side. Keep the movement until you reach again the ankle’s back.

It is recommended to repeat this massage sequence three times. Increase the pressure slightly each time when going toward the heart on the upward stroke.


11 Best Foot Massage Techniques

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I have no doubt that a deep and soothing foot massage is where your search to a relaxed body and carefree soul ends. A foot massage can get you really better sleep, improve your body’s blood circulation, helps against tension and depression, take over your aches and pains, maintains right blood pressure and of course, makes your feet happier and healthier. I have just told a few benefits to begin with, I am telling you the most effective and easy self-foot massage methods below. So if I have convinced you with the benefits of foot massage and you want to be relaxed after a long tidy day or lest you doubt and want to give a try by self-massaging your feet, you are reading the right article.

Here I am explaining you with the best foot massage techniques you can do with yourself to feel you relaxed and soothed:

1) A foot bath

Soak your feet in a tub of warm water for approx ten minutes. I suggest you to also add Epsom salts, calming and aromatic oils to the warm water. I am telling you, never underestimate the warm water. Now softly rub your feet removing the dirt while also feel you relaxed. Towel dry your feet when finished. I love to get myself foot massage through this technique on tough days.

2) Use a lotion or a cream

I do not recommend using oil because it does not soar well, creams and lotions are usually thicker. Gently apply lotion to all over your feet while keeping a bit of pressure. Various foot massaging creams are available in market; you can pick one of your choice. You can also combine oils and creams depending on your liking to scents. Warming the cream or lotion before massaging would help.

3) Give time to toes

Make your foot stable with one hand and take your toes one by one and rotate them clockwise and then anticlockwise. Then pull up your toes one by one while still applying a little pressure on the foot with the other hand. Toe massage is a crucial part of best foot massage techniques.

4) Rolling on ball

Did I reveal that golf is among my favorite sports? I suggest you to use a golf ball or a tennis ball in foot messaging. Just put the ball on floor and put your foot on it and roll over it. Apply your weight on the ball as it pleases you. I consider a rubber ball with embossed grains or dots would be even better thing to start with; such embossed grains on ball surface will work on your skin like in an acupressure massage technique.

5) The art of thumbs

I never feel so good using my thumbs other than on my playstation, I always up votes to this thumb technique above all. Apply a little pressure with your thumbs to the bottom of your feet. Slide the thumb all over from heel to the toes while pressuring in a circular motion. Your thumbs and fingertips could also work as a pressure point for adding acupressure touch to make your foot massage one of best foot massage techniques which you developed yourself.

6) Sooth the sole

Start rubbing the foot top in a circular motion with your fingers and then moving to sole. Increase pressure from your fingers while moving to sole. In same manner, use your fingertips with gentle pressure on the sole while holding and your foot and applying pressure with your palms. Reverse the procedure in same circular way to top of the foot. This techniques helps in low back pain, you see benefits of foot massage were never limited to foot.

7) Indian rub technique

Place your thumb on the centre of arch on inside while holding your foot from its sides. Rub your thumbs in oval shape on centre of arch from inside out. Apply a medium pressure in an inside out motion on the bottom of foot. You can allow your movement of your foot by shaking it a little.

8) Feel the heel

I recommend you to use moisturizing lotion or cream if your heels are cracked. Again use the thumb trick I explained above to massage on the heels. Apply pressure with tip of both the thumbs consecutively one by one on your heel. Rub your thumbs in oval shape to and fro your heel and centre of bottom of foot.

9) Power of fist

I am not asking you for a boxing match. Don’t worry; just close your hands making a fist. With your finger tips while in a fist, gently rub middle of your sole to and fro heels applying medium pressure.

10) Milking stroke

The name says it almost if not all. Hold the foot with its side with your hand and rub from the sides of foot. Pull your hand while pressuring a little in a motion similar to milking cow. Give 5-10 strokes on both the sides.

11) Point the pressure points

I do not believe a foot massage to be complete without using this technique. Enjoy a deep and soothing massage if you have some knowledge of pressure points while massaging your feet. A gentle pressure can be applied to pressure points to feel a wave of relaxing sensation in your feet. I have seen it working wonders to ease my mind and body.

  1. On the inside of your foot below the ankle, you will feel a round bone under your skin; place your finger a little down to that bone. Locate the pressure point and press gently for a few seconds. Pressuring it too hard can hurt a bit.
  2. Another pressure point can be located at the inside lower corner of toenail of your big toe. Apply gentle pressure slowly on this point to the inside. Be careful, for the people with nail problems, it could hurt them.
  3. Find the ball of the foot, which is downside of your foot below the big toe. The pressure point here is located just below the ball of the foot and slightly towards the smaller toe. Apply a little pressure with your thumb and rub in a circular motion at the pressure point.

Either you are an athlete or a software engineer, a comfortable foot massage before going to bed always proves to be a relaxing session to forget all your worries. A good massage makes me feel the way you i to feel while going to sleep.

I use above best foot massage techniques to sooth my body out of pain and aches, albeit if you want to go beyond these, I believe Ayurvedic massage could be a nice alternative which involves use of herbs and natural oils while massaging. You can also go for electric massagers, anyway choose the technique which feels you best. Don’t continue doing anything which hurts. I care for you. Happy massaging.